Linux MultiMedia Studio


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Linux MultiMedia Studio is a music creation tool similar to FL Studio (with which it is compatible) that allows you to make music from scratch using an intuitive but comprehensive interface full of features, and that fully supports MIDI keyboards and other specialized equipment.

The first thing that grabs your attention in Linux MultiMedia Studio is the sheer number of windows you can open simultaneously which contain all the different tools you need to create your music. The advantage of this is that depending on what you intend to do (a rhythm, baseline, melody, etc) you can have any number of them open at any time.

The program includes different keyboard sounds and effects to tinker with while making music. You can control these keyboards both by hand, and with a specialist MIDI keyboard. You can, of course, import whichever kind of music file, OGG or WAV, to work with in any part of the interface,

Along with all this, Linux MultiMedia Studio includes an FX mixer with 64 channels that can support a huge number of effects simultaneously. You can upload dozens of instruments and add hundreds of sounds from the mixing console. Again, both by hand and with the appropriate tools.

Linux MultiMedia Studio is a complete music creation tool, whose only drawback, if there is one, is that it does not allow you to export your work in MP3 format. Instead, you have to do so in FLV, VST or MIDI.
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